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The National Day of Prayer offends Facebook. They won't even take money to boost a post about it. I would hate to be a shareholder in a company that refuses profit. Please like our page and share with others. Praying for God to intervene is our only hope to save America. I hope you agree and will join us.

Are you concerned about the direction of America? Are you ready to be part of the solution? Then join the National Day of Prayer 'Praying without Ceasing' event. Like and share.

America needs prayer, continuous prayer. Please say a prayer for our nation today!


If you do not have Christ in your life, you are at war with God. Think about it.


The National Day of Prayer 2020 is an event focusing on continuous prayer for our country. Created by Zane Lawhorn in Princeton, West Virginia our goal is to recruit Christians all across America to commit to a 5 minute prayer on May 7, 2020. Will you join us to save America?