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This song by Arron Lewis is #1 on iTunes.

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7/19/21: Exec at Aaron Lewis’ Label Defends Hit Song Mocking Liberals: His ‘Message Is Speaking to Millions of People’

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#biden #democrats

Joe Biden Snaps, Calls Reporter 'Stupid Son of a Bitch'

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James O’Keefe, Founder and CEO of Project Veritas, joins Glenn to detail the message in his new book, ‘American Muckraker.’ It’s a handbook on how to do journalism in our current ‘clown world’, O’Keefe explains, which is something the world may need now more than ever — especially after a recent FBI raid on O’Keefe. He details the events that led to it, why it was unconstitutional, and how/why the New York Times knew about it right away. Plus, O’Keefe suggests how Americans can move forward despite institutions coercing us to believe lies: ‘When I stopped seeking approval…is when I was free.’


Democracy Dies In Darkness When Those Entrusted To Show Truth, Push Narrative Over Facts.

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“The future belongs to the dreamers, not to the critics. The future belongs to the people who follow their heart, no matter what the critics say, because they truly believe in their vision.
-President Donald J. Trump
"Pretty sure the last thing Rush Limbaugh would have wanted, is for you to be offended at liberals celebrating his death. They hated him because they feared him. Let them show who they really are."
-Steven Crowder