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November 23, 2020
While the State of Washington strongly recommends the wearing of masks, there is no law in place requiring them. It has been brought to the attention of the Sheriff’s Office that certain businesses have implemented policies denying entry or access to services for those absent a face covering. Regardless of such policies being considered as justified or common, any such policy is in direct violation of Washington State Law and is discriminatory and unlawful.
Individuals without a face covering cannot be considered a direct threat, unless they have been deemed to be contagious by a treating physician with full access to their medical history, and are entitled to equal access at all places of public accommodation (RCW 49.60.03.
Someone who complies with all lawful conditions at places of public accommodation cannot be considered as trespassing. Behavior meant to create a hostile or unsafe environment toward those without a face covering is regarded as Harassment, which is a criminal offense under Washington State Law (RCW 9A.46.02. Harassment is a Gross Misdemeanor punishable by up to a year of jail time and/or up to $5,000 in fines.
The following types of actions toward individuals without a face covering are regarded as Harassment:
 Subjecting someone to physical restraint such as blocking their entry or restraining their free movement.
 Being unlawfully detained by police when there is no evidence of trespass. Such action by law enforcement is considered Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law (18 USC Section 242).

 Threatening someone so as to create concern for their physical or mental health safety, such as calling or purporting to call law enforcement under the guise of a trespass violation.
The Office of the Sheriff is the chief law-enforcement agency in the County with duty to keep peace and uphold
the Law in accordance with Federal and State Constitutions. This document serves as an order to cease and desist harassment, which is an unlawful action as outlined above. Whoever chooses to willfully engage in
unlawful behavior is committing a criminal offense and is subject to any punishments befitting the offense. In the execution of their duties, the Sheriff may arrest and commit to prison all persons who break the peace, attempt to break it, and all persons guilty of public offenses, which is conduct that is in violation of existing laws and is punishable by laws.
Any questions or concerns related to this order should be addressed to the Sheriff’s Office at 360-748-9286
Rob Snaza,
Lewis County Sheriff’
Washington State Sheriff’s Association

UPDATE!!!! Fellow patriot Laura Jones is bringing her deuce and a half party truck to Redmond's Centennial Park from 2 till at least 5pm an probably longer. This is a donation site for all colors, races, creeds, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, tall, short, men, women, children. You get the message, these are donations FOR ALL not just people of color like the racist Josie and her followers. This gathering is in direct conflict with Josie's racist donation drop and BLM rally that starts at 4pm. We need all hands on deck as the sparks are sure to fly and teach these commie Zombies a lesson they will never forget. This is a formal attire engagement and long guns ate a necessary accessory to attend.

Josie Stanfield, Prinevilles resident racist domestic terrorist, has decided that she wasn't going to be allowed to leave Centennial Park without a fight and shifted gears. Looks like she is trying to make this a humanitarian mission. I CALL BULLSHIT!!! She and her Marxist pig followers will just take this stuff and use it for themselves. Don't be fooled, her and her kind are takers not givers

The Redmond BLM rally is still on! However, there are a few changes so please take a moment to read this post. ??
The Central Oregon Peacekeepers and The Central Oregon Diversity Project gathered an amazing amount of supplies for the victims of the wildfires this past week. We would like to do this again, as many of the families being displaced from their homes are from already disadvantaged communities.
Instead of marching we will be gathering and staying in Centennial Park to rally from 4-6 pm. This will give us the opportunity to gather more needed items while rallying for systemic change and justice for the BIPOC community. Please spread this message if you plan on attending!
Gas Cards
Gifts Cards
Pet Food
Portable Chargers
N95 Masks
Hand Sanitizer
Sanitizing Products
Reusable Water Containers
Paper Products
Personal Hygiene Items (soaps, toothpaste/brushes, pads/tampons, deodorant, etc.)
Baby Care Items (formula, diapers, wipes, etc.)
Sleeping Bags
OTC Medications

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well in these insane times. Just a post to let you know that there is a gathering of BLM/Antifa this Saturday at 4pm in Redmond, Oregon Centennial Park. Josie Stanfield(Prinevilles resident racist domestic terrorist), Kerstin Arias and Luke Richter from Bend and Redmonds new commie zombie organizers Annie Frances and Stephanie Crawford Hunter along with, as of this post, 50 confirmed and 190 interested commie zombies. They will be bringing in "peaceful protesters" from around the state especially Portland and with them setting all the fires we are experiencing, will make it to Redmond despite the road closures. They are planning on arriving at 4pm and then leaving the Park, where they are only supposed to be, and from 4:30pm till 6pm(which will be well after dark as they like to play that game) march through downtown Redmond, which we can not allow at all costs!! They will be spewing their racist, Marxist propaganda. Which will include, these are direct quotes from Prinevilles protests, " We will burn your PD down, defund your police and take over the town.", "You will pay us to live there and we will remove you at anytime and put a family of color in your home." and " If we dont get what we want, we will burn your town to the ground." They represent The CO Diversity Council, The Oregon Peacemakers, Essence of Bend as well as the BLM ans Antifa. So if any of you can attend it would be great. Since it is after Sept. 1, no white clothing, we must stay in style, and long guns are a required accessory for this event. See you there! I will have my FDNY hat on so stop over and say "HI".


our primary function is to bring together like-minded Patriots who believe in our Constitution and are willing to take action in defending it with no compromise. We provide education, organization, training, to support for our members so that together we may help affect a peaceful return to a constitutional government, if it all possible. We are active in Civic leadership and hold our elected officials accountable. We stand together with unwavering resolve to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.