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Many of us have been praying for help from God to save America. Part of that has been the end of the American Holocaust, the Murder Of The Unborn.

Tonight we hear of the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She has been one of the champions of legalized abortion in America. Is her death part of the answer to our prayers for an America that honors God and His Holy Word? Will she be replaced by a justice that honors our Constitution and the moral laws given to us by God?

We can only hope that she turned from her evil ways and made peace with The Lord before she died. But for us we need to pray that we will get a new Supreme Court Justice that honors God and our Constitution.

We may be facing a once in a lifetime opportunity to reverse the evil Roe v Wade decision that has caused the murder of over 60,000,000 unborn babies. If we are successful maybe America can once again have the blessings of God upon our land.

Facts! Our super-intelligent, beautiful First lady blasts babbling, pervy, political hack Joe right out of the water with intellect alone!!!


We are waking up the folks! Yay, Freeeeedom!!!


Remember when we helped our neighbors??? Remember when we loved ALL our fellow citizens? Remember when we were so very grateful for God and our Freedoms granted by Him! Most of us still are and still do! Never give up. We win by living lovingly! EnJoy! Yay, Patriot Day!

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