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URGENT WARNING: 2 weeks left to prepare then all will know why ( plus 2nd lockdown coming) Great shaking of earth also to begin.
•Aug 17, 2020
Mike 444

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Israeli ambassador very positively about Poland: "Poland is not anti-Semitic! Period"

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Keeping fit after 50 is definitely a challenge. Been going to the gym almost daily and changed my eating habits. I've lost 57 pounds since July 2019. Feeling better than I have in years and now I'm just working on maintaining.

I have not exercised since Highschool. Last December I found out I was Diabetic. Spent 4 days in PCU. Scared me - went on strict diet and started exercising. Tuesday I turned 50. Have put on 15 lbs of lean muscle and my blood sugar is in normal range almost every day.

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