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Weapons of Law – Passage To Liberty

Weapons of Law – Passage To Liberty

Watch this and circulate it far and wide. Professor Sucharit Bhakdi has trained over 12,000 Doctors in microbiology and epidemiology in Germany and has won many awards. He explains the immune system and the recent peer-reviewed study results. Once you see how they work, you'll want to share his warnings against taking the SARS-CoV-2 injections.


DHS Program Trains Agents for Rural Lockdowns, Mass Public Quarantines of Unvaccinated


Business owners beware of this trap!

If you have fines from your county health officer, don't pay them and don't negotiate for a lower fine. The COVID business restriction guidelines- aka "orders"- lack the constitutional authority to be enforceable upon you. Therefore, county attorneys are trying to entice business owners into participating in unconstitutional hearings, as can be seen in the article linked below. The strategy underlying this mind control piece is to encourage business owners to go to an administrative (Admiralty jurisdiction) hearing in hopes of reducing their fines. Participating in such a hearing grants jurisdiction to the County. This mistake gets memorialized in the court records and creates the foundation which cripples any future challenges to jurisdiction that a person might want to make in the future.


San Jose SP2 restaurant beat Santa Clara County COVID fines

San Jose SP2 restaurant beat Santa Clara County COVID fines

San Jose's SP2 restaurant and bar beat Santa Clara County's COVID fine system and exposed issues with the enforcement.

Which actor do you prefer to play the part of President of the United States on behalf of the New World Order?


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