Jeremy, thank you for your friend request. I hope that you would check out Striving for Eternity ( We offer free online classes as part of our Striving for Eternity Academy. All the classes are available on YouTube (the link is available on our website). Striving for Eternity Academy is an online discipleship teaching how to interpret the Bible and systematic theology as some of the topics.

Also, if you ever need a speaker for a conference or for your church please check us out and see if we can help. We have a list of topics we cover on the schedule a speaker page (https://strivingforeternity.or....g/contact-us/schedul We also look for churches or groups that would like to host our Bible Interpretation Made Easy, Ambassador Evangelism, Solid Apologetics or other weekend seminars. If you would be interested in hosting one of these seminars please contact us, thanks.

Also, have you subscribed to my podcast the Rapp Report, which is part of our Christian Podcast Community (

Lastly, Please check out my books, What Do They Believe? A Systematic Theology of the Major Western Religions and What Do We Believe? A Systematic Theology of Christian Beliefs.