Daniel Horowitz is a data guy, who has not been challenged on his research, and the basic arithmetic of all of this.

I didn't do the work here...Daniel did. You can listen for yourself beginning a 1:16:18, and you can spend the time (like I did) looking through all of his articles that are published at "Conservative Review'.

Daniel backs everything up with sourced data.

I took the time to transcribe this, and make certain the arithmetic and the data was sourced and correct.

I thought it was important to summarize what he is saying:

1. We know that about 91,000 people have been attributed as dying from COVID19.

2. Doctor Deborah Birx has stated that she believes of those 91,000...at least 25% are inflated numbers.
To that point, states like Colorado and others have begun to revise their number of deaths down by...(wait for it)...25%.
Remember thousands of deaths of asymptomatic patients who suffered heart attacks, Strokes, or Cancer, AND tested positive for COVID, are now counted as COVID deaths because the money per patient is 20% higher, as per the CARES Act.

3. So...if 25% of deaths being counted are inflated, which brings us down to about 68,000 deaths.

4. Of those 68,000 deaths we now know that at least half of them are from Nursing Homes, or Long Term Care facilities.

5. That brings us to about 34,000 deaths nationally, and we now know that of that 34,000 remainings...54% were within 100 miles of New York City.

6. Now that brings us down to about 18,000 deaths.

7. Of that 18,000 deaths, we also know that 90-99.4% of those who died had more than one significant condition (other than COVID) that actually can be proven to have attributed to their death.

So, if you subtract the number of people outside of Nursing Homes, and NYC...the death toll from COVID19 is in the three digits. That's the HUNDREDS!

Regarding NYC, and in fact it is an anomaly because of its dense population, I also posit that the incompetence of sending COVID patients to Nursing homes to further spread the exposure to this virus made things exponentially worse!
Additionally, the public transportation system was never shut down and was only barely cleaned beginning at the end of April.

It's long past time that we return to our lives, and we reject this incompetent cover-up for the irrational, incompetent decisions that were made, based on scientism...and not science, data, and facts.

No one is innocent here.