Why is Minneapolis burning?

Copied from a friend.

Liberal logic!!!!

A white cop treats a black man horribly to the point of death!

We all agree this is bad!

Was this due to racism?

If so, what should we do?

Fact: This cop already had a history of bad behavior that was allowed to continue by Minn. Democrat City Govt.

Fact: The Minneapolis Government is Democrat controlled!

Fact: Democrat Klobuchar had an opportunity to address this bad cop‘s previous bad behavior, but she didn’t!

Fact: Burning down Minneapolis, looting and causing harm to other non related persons and businesses is just insane and equally as evil!

Fact: Continuing to allow a bad cop to be the way he was is all a part of the Democrat playbook.

Fact: Inciting blacks and others to destroy and riot is also a part of the Democrat playbook.

Fact: Democrat leaders don’t want racism to go away. They want to divide.

Fact: What should have happened after George was killed is that many whites and blacks should have come together peacefully and demanded swift justice against this cop!!!

Conjecture: I have heard that many of the people committing and inciting violent acts are NOT from Minneapolis!

If you disagree, please tell me why!