They want us all to wear protective gear and stay home but they won't give us much info about the stats of the coronavirus. All we get are total cumulative numbers. We can't get number of current cases or number of cases in individual cities or hospitals. (First, they said is was for Hippa reasons (we're not asking for names); then they said that they're just too busy. Sorry, not buying it!! Especially, since when they DO have information, they want to keep it quiet!) You would think that if they were REALLY trying to protect us, they would give us every piece of info they had on this virus. Every day, week, and month that they keep this virus going is a telltale sign that there is a reason behind it. I just heard some info about an outbreak in a nearby town but it was all hush-hush. Now, WHY does it have to be hush-hush? That doesn't even make sense ... unless they're up to no-good!! I guess they don't want people in that area to protect themselves until AFTER the election!!!