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How to do Deliverance - More tactics and the GREAT NEWS!

This is Noe with Walk with Yah ministry. WWY focuses on expelling demons from Yah’s, or God’s, children to remove the spiritual oppression from their lives. If you didn’t know, demons will try to keep you from being what Yah has created you to be. They will use whatever means are at their disposal but no fear as Yeshua / Jesus has given us ways to overcome. But many times it takes not just fighting the air aimlessly (1 Cor 9:26) but we are more effective when we fight in the spirit and by His direction (E.g. 1 Samuel 23:1-5).

So in this video series we’ve covered the biblical foundation for deliverance, we briefly talked about spiritual warfare, and this is the last segment of the deliverance ministry portion. In video blog 11 we started talking about some spiritual weapons and so in this last video we are going to go over even more tactics to use in spiritual warfare with the goal of deliverance - which is casting out demons.

So with that being said let us press forward. So here’s a good little morsel to start off with.
1Jn 4:1

But let’s add this truths while we are here
2Co 11:13

In deliverance, many times, as you would expect, the demons are not going to quickly admit they are demons and they will try to evade detection. Sometimes when a demon manifests and comes up they’ll say they are a relative or a friend of the client or even Yeshua Himself. Yep they are pretty bold faced liars.

And then lastly let’s add this verse to the mix . . .
Joh 8:44

So I would think many of you are asking ‘then why do you even talk to or question demons if you know they are going to lie?’ Good question. The answer is . . .

Want to know more? Then click on the video to watch. ;-)

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