So Few Years by
Gary James Smith

So few years we have in time
To prepare for eternity
The devil tries to dismiss the thought
There's a death for you and me
We think we are invincible
And life will just go on
Before you know it we've reached old age
And a lot of our friends are gone

The obituary column is now more recognized
At the revealing of the names
We can't believe so and so died
Soon our life will be the same
Our constant daily reminder
That death passes to us all
Best to prepare for eternity
Before our life gets that final call

Why do we yet procrastinate
When it comes to terms with God
Thinking things will work out alright
Having never checked out His Word
There's a Salvation worth talking about
And praise God it is free
When we do repentance from a broken heart
There's a blessed eternity!

God has wanted to touch base with you
From the time that you were born
He has observed you every moment
From the evening to early morn
Catch the Spirit's beckonings
He may be leading you to pray
Call upon the name of the Lord
While yet it is called today

There was a place called Calvary
On a hill not far away
Where a Saviour took our penalty
And bore God's wrath one day
So we could live victoriously
With a promise of eternity
Praise God for the Resurrection and the Life
That now lives inside of me!

Maybe this could be your moment
The time of understanding has come
Death will be your visitation
And then where will be your home
I'd rather make reservations now
With the One Who made this world
That name that is above every other name
Which is Jesus Christ the Lord!

Hallelujah what a Saviour!

Gary James Smith