I am not a racist
I believe we will have reached true equality when we no longer have to put put race, religion, and sex on every piece of paper that we fill out. People should be considered for their content of character, intellect, potential, and work ethic. Those other things shouldn't even matter.
I am not a sexist
I believe that men and women were created with different strengths and weaknesses to compliment one another NOT compete with one another. Equality comes when we realize our differences are not a hinderance but an asset to see life from all perspectives.
I am not a zenophobe
I believe all religious groups should have the freedom to practice their beliefs unhindered. I also acknowledge the fact that there are dangerous extremists in all religions and those groups should be monitored to prevent dangerous behavior.
I am not a homophobe
While I believe that homosexuality is biblically wrong. There are shades of the human condition that can't be explained in the boy/girl box therefore what u do in your bedroom amongst consenting adults is between you and God.
I am not a conspiracy theorist
But I have read enough over the years to know nothing the government and big business says should be taken on blind faith. Conspiracy theory has become fact far more often than I am comfortable with.
I am not pro-vax nor am I anti-vax
I believe some modern medicine is good but all too often money plays a bigger role than health and human safety.
I am neither pro nor anti abortion
While I do believe all children should be protected and cherished. I also believe that if you deem it necessary it should ONLY be done in the 1st 6wks with very few exceptions. Abortion should not be an acceptable form of birth control.
I believe that all politicians should be held accountable for their horrible policies, lies, proven sexual misconduct, scandals, devisiveness, and complete lack of fiscal responsibility. It is a mistake that our great grand children will pay for and they are ALL to blame.
I believe that everything offered to one group for free another group has to pay for and therefore is doomed to fail.
Illegal immigration
Big business profits off of the indentured servitude perpetrated on illegal immigrants. Politicians on both sides benefit from donations from big business. Why would they solve this problem? If they build a wall it drastically reduces their cheap labor force and might accidentally force them to pay people at least minimum wage. There are other alternatives but neither side has the will to go against the businesses that fund their campaigns.
I do not like boxes.
I do not like being screamed at and ridiculed for my beliefs and I do not like this idea that if you don't like what someone has to say you can scream, call names, and even in some cases assault or kill other people. FOR THEIR THOUGHTS. This mentality is an increasingly LEFT mentality. I am not far right and I AM DEFINITELY not far left. I can not in good conscience align myself with any group of people whose goal is to silence anyone who does not agree with them by any means necessary.