Philosophy: Conservatives *can* have fun and chew gum at the same time.

On the other hand we can't convince each other of things. There is no need. We're on the same channel.

Thus, the CC Group could only be a conservative echo chamber...unless we do something different. We discuss. Actually discuss topics in more than twitter sentences. Therefore discussion is encouraged.
--No cussing. Be polite. NO cute bumper stickers only. No reposts of other's articles on USALife. More, if you post an article link, comment on your post, else don't post it. If you don't feel strongly enough about your post to comment, then others won't either.

--Two posts per day. Feel strongly about your post(s).

Members...I encourage you to post your conservative linkouts here. A post here will be seen site-wide. But more than that it won't scroll off. It will be in this group forever.... You can always find it and refer back to it.

I'd love for the CC Group to serve as a conservative think tank where we discuss real strategy and issues. This is Realville. If you take a position on something, be able to defend it. Old out new conservatives. They have much to learn.