We have a major story coming out today that will blow the lid on voter fraud and "mail-in" voting.

I need help spreading the word. I do a lot of work on Facebook, but I've been shadow-banned. So if any of you are willing to help me, I have a list of big conservative, Christian and patriot groups with membership of over four million.

I have a daily message to get out and you can either send it everywhere you can, or you can join some of the groups from my list and post it there.

The time commitment is only 5-7 minutes of posting to three different groups, and waiting ten minutes and posting to three more.

You can see if we can get to a group of 20 posters, and each one had a list of groups that totaled 200,000, we could reach the entire 4 million members of these groups.

If you're interested, or have questions, please email me directly at donrosenberg@gmail.com.

Thanks for considering helping!

Don Rosenberg, Charlotte