What is CMM? Christ's Mandate for Missions is a 501c3 founded in 1978. Read below our Seven Main Focal Points:
by Jorge Parrott

Our goal is to connect our global family and strengthen and release organic fellowships to build the global church in each neighborhood we are sent. We endeavor to empower existing members and add the most effective, high impact pastors/leaders to network and build strategic alliances to see the Great Commission fulfilled as we see the gospel of the Kingdom preached in every nation to prepare the Bride of Christ.

The Council of Issachar
Our members are a group of select senior CMM five-fold ministers meeting regularly to intercede and prophesy (1 Cor. 14:3 encouragement, exhortation, edification) bringing transformation into individuals, ministries, ‘now’ issues, regions, and governments. These anointed/battle tested Fathers and Mothers shepherd our CMM Missionaries and Ordained Ministers serving globally with wisdom to develop mature, fruitful leaders, healthy families, and vibrant fellowships.

Empowering National Leaders
CM Missions Equips and trains local pastors/leaders and builds the local church organically. The indigenous know the culture, language, customs and live within the local cost of living, not requiring expensive ‘western’ indoctrination. We do not want to ‘Americanize’ the locals but demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven culture. Going into ‘all the world’ is not only geographical but all sectors of society.

Covert Missions
CM Missions equips Leaders, Teachers, and Entrepreneurs in difficult regions: the Mid-East, Asia, Africa and everywhere that extreme caution and stealth activities are required in order to further the Gospel of Christ. During this season of the largest mass migration in history, we share the Gospel with thousands of refugees hearing the simplicity, love, and power of our God for the first time.

Stopping Human Slavery/Human Trafficking
CM Missions Believes that every human being, male or female, any age, has a God-given right to live freely. Our network in many nations raises awareness, increases education, helps in prevention, rescue, recovery, counseling, and all that is necessary to see restoration and walking in the fullness and completion of destinies for God's precious creations in America and internationally.

CM Missions Orphans
Our goal is to restore Children/Orphans to their birth family if possible. CMM reaches future generations and gives them a hope-filled future with Christian education, quality health care, and job training. Fostering creativity at a young age and raising up strong leaders who have a truly Christian worldview. For one dollar a day you can change a life for eternity.

CMM College of Theology-Experiential, Relational and Transformative
CMM College of Theology helps people who want to grow in passion and hunger for the Lord, learn to think and study in fresh ways so they can fulfill their destiny and build the Kingdom of God in the sphere of influence in which they are called. Unlike other schools who define their student achievements by the knowledge they can recite; we build, edify and encourage through thought-provoking work to develop depth, authority, and revelation. It is challenging, it is personal and it is powerful and you don’t want to miss it!

The CMM Global Net
CMM is a global family/net of friends/shepherds watching over their sheep for their Owner/Father who shares together our covenant relationship focused on ‘being’ obedient to the Lord more than ‘doing’ our agenda. By faith we please God being free of every spirit except Holy Spirit, destroying the works of the enemy, as sons of God ‘dying to self’ as we worship him in everything. We are a five-fold family falling more in love with Jesus daily.
Jorge Parrott, CMM President