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We do have an enemy (from the area of the USSR.).they run both the US and Is Rae Ell...they infiltrated us long ago..The self professed Rev 2:9 Rothschilds created the illegal income tax and privately owned Federal Reserve to enrich themselves (reports of over $500T) their Essau, Canaanite Tribe, and fund all of their Democrat initiatives..they were the Democratic Workers Party in Russia where they killed over a 100M Christian Russians and Ukranians for property confiscation..same as they plan to do to the world..They took over our infrastructure of the financial institutions, the MEDIA, the courts, the education system, the churches, creation and control of the Democratic Party and Hollywood..and control of the Republican Party.. They instigate, fund(with US tax dollars) and profit from every side of all of their NWO wars..They were called the Bolsheviks (Communists) in WWll..and told Churchhill if he would promise them the Holy Land..that they would drag the US into the war for a win..and so Churchill did and they did also..They took the Holy Land where they could stand as the Abomination of Desolation, standing in the Holy Place calling itself God..using US money and military to overthrow the East..now it is time for them to overthrow the West..the US, the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia..they are on video denouncing Christianity, saying that Islam shares their beleifs and laws..Chabad Lubivitch rabbis meet with the presidents to reaffirm the bill in Congress signed by George HW Bush for Rabbi Schneerson to make the beheading of Christains legal in the US..Can be found under the Education Day Bill and was exposed by Congressman Dannymeyer and speculated to be awaiting the NWO that John McCain said that they've had for 70 years which correlates with the founding of the Holy Nation in 1948.. Alan Sabrosky-US graduate of the US Army War College and director of studies of the US Army War College..said that Is rae lee Mooo Sad did 9/11..Barbara Honneger..who served in both the Reagan and Bush administrations and quit as a matter of conscience, said that 9/11 was to be the new 'Pearl Harbor' and was done to ramp up their NWO as it was not moving quickly enough..They attacked us in the Levon Affair, the USS Liberty, 9/11 and sniped 400 marines in 2003 in Iraq..all to get us into their wars and the sniping of our marines was as they said ..to get them to fight harder..