Tonights everything tea. How many of you drink only bottled water? How many of you have noticed you are still thirsty after drinking them? How many of you have realized that bottled water has no nutrition in it because of the boiling, sterilizing, distilling etc they do to it? So, since my body feels off tonight (allergies, sinus, and just off)> I made everything tea. Not only do I teach eat the weeds, clean and dry and sell them, but I also use them quite often. So in tonights tea are dandelion roots, Japanese knotweed roots, a little stinging nettle, a little moringa leaves, some yarrow leaves and flowers, lambs ear flowers, primrose, hunk of lemon, dried apple peels, some cinnamon and ginger and turmeric w dash of pepper. When it has simmered long enough, I will strain it to a cup and add honey. This small pot of tea will be loaded with a ton of nutrition in a cup. You are all welcome. Hugs and prayers to all. Go look for my business page Neet Ideas (Neets Naturals) as I will be posting a lot more on naturals and what they are good for. #neetideas #neetsnaturals #farmer #crafter