So what do we do about this massive treason, corruption, ignorance, cowardice, and sloth throughout all levels of government and society? Things we've trusted before can no longer be trusted, e.g., the media, the political parties, the education system, the clergy, the intelligence agencies, our communications, Congress, the courts, the DOJ, the FBI, the elections, and sometimes our friends and family. We must trust ourselves and turn inward for solutions. Don't worry, they're there. Look inside yourself and find your will to live -- your survival instinct -- and build on it. That's called your God-given unalienable right to life. Our Founding Fathers formally recognized that right, and others, as collectively belonging to We the People. They also realized that along with our unalienable rights came our unalienable responsibilities to defend and administer those rights, or we would perish.

By all means vote, but understand that we are far beyond political, legislative, judicial, executive, administrative, and religious solutions, and that we must first quickly and continuously secure our liberty by any and all means necessary before we can return to those solutions. The independent individual operative can be the strongest or weakest force in this conflict. There are already enough of We the People who know all we need to know to do what we must do. Majorities will not act, and aren't needed, to save themselves, us, others, and our Constitutional Republic. But we have millions -- our ancestors had 3%. They were similarly hampered by royalists, pacifists, cowards, and morons. Carefully associate ad hoc with others as necessary, but your and our success will depend on YOUR abilities, opportunities, courage, aggression, and faith. The mission is the same as our Founding Fathers: To quickly defend and administer our God-given unalienable rights by any and all means necessary. We the People must first work to secure our liberty by intense law enforcement of the US Criminal Code and immediately arrest and imprison the enemy infiltrators and insurgents while maintaining a strong national defense and the continuity of lawful government. That option is faltering because they have subverted our federal political system, judiciary, and executive branch and are fundamentally changing -- overthrowing and destroying -- America. If our laws can't be enforced, then those domestic enemies must be viewed as unlawful enemy combatants waging war against the United States without Constitutional rights who are subject only to the law of warfare administered by us through military tribunals. It will be difficult, but that does not excuse us from doing it.

Most of us already know all we need to know to do what we must do, and that generally means quickly escalating our personal confrontations against the Left, Muslims, banking crime syndicate members, and Mexican invaders until they are defeated and our liberty and nation are secure. This does not require permission, organization, elaborate planning, conventions, elections, waiting for our government employees and elected officials to do it, or any other delaying and cowardly substitutes for action that give America's enemies more time to "fundamentally change," bleed, and destroy us. We also must not start new parties, or support or rehabilitate current ones. George Washington opposed parties in his Farewell Address because he knew they would turn into self-serving gangs that ignore Constitutional principles and loot and destroy our Republic -- as we see today. Clearly, We the People physically enforcing Constitutional and aggressive Christian principles are an enormously powerful leaderless resistance of millions of one-man cells that can't be infiltrated, diverted, or defeated.

There must be no revolution, civil war, insurrection, or secession to accomplish this, because Russia and China would most certainly seize on the resulting instability and destroy us. Securing our liberty will be brutal, like all defenses of liberty. The specific tactics are infinite, confidential, and largely leaderless. If you wait to be led, you're dead. Time is short to make a significant difference. We will only win on offense using a fierce mindset. Escalate until you prevail. Pray for courage, fight asymmetrically, and win decisively. It's up to you. Saddle up.