"TIME" I keep hearing the word time a lot these days. In most cases, when I hear "time" it is being used to indicate that the person does not have enough "time" to do something. Folks often don't have time to attend meetings, time to train or even time to pray. But, they always seem to have time to complain about their circumstances. I submit to you now, that you no longer have "time" to do anything that does not include preparing for the future. That includes planning, training and praying among other things because one thing is always certain, and that is that the future is NOT certain. If you do not have contingency plans for when things go this way AND OR that way, then you will very likely fail to some degree. If you have not yet become a fully vetted member of the Union Of Three Percenter American Patriots, then start the ball rolling now. Send us an email at 1776lovetheusa@gmail.com requesting that we start the process for you. If you are already a member, get in touch with your leadership, stay involved, possibly volunteer to be a leader. Together, we can still preserve freedom in this country. There is still "time", though that time is running out. Thank you and God Bless!