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Important Documents, and How To Secure Them

Paperwork. Its the bane of modern civilization, and the more government we get (and we're always getting more government), the more paperwork we are required to keep up with. But, in order to function in modern society, we need that paperwork. It true now, it will be true during future any future crisis we may face, and it will be true even after a collapse. Despite the common prepper fantasy of a post-collapse world in which there is virtually no government (such a lovely dream), the truth is that even if the government totally collapses, a new government (probably worse than we have now) will form. And the first thing they will want to do is see our paperwork. You just wait and see.

In all seriousness, in modern life there are important documents that we need to keep up with, like it or not. This begs two questions: What are those important documents? and How do we best secure those documents so that we have them when we need them?

Important Documents you may need include:

Birth Certificates
Marriage Certificates
Death Certificates
Wills, Powers-of-Attorney
Military discharge papers
Copies of credit cards, bank numbers, and other financial info
Contact information and account numbers for insurance, investment accounts, utilities
Tax, insurance, and other financial records
Copies of driver's licenses and social security cards
Title & Registration information for your vehicles
Medical and immunization records
Health Insurance information
Pet Records (registration, vaccinations, etc.)
Copies of your high school diploma and collage degrees
High School and College Transcripts
Contact information for family, friends, co-workers, etc.
Home and Property deeds
Mortgage information

This is only a partial list of possible documents you may need to keep. There may be other documents you'll need depending on your own particular circumstances.

You probably already have paper copies of most of these documents at home in desk drawers or a file cabinent. Your first action step is to collect everything together, look through what you have, and see if you are missing anything. If so, start collecting copies of the missing documents.

Next, organize and store your important documents together in a secure place, probably in your home. A lockable, fire-proof safe, file cabinent, or ducument bag will work nicely. ROLOWAY makes a large-capacity document bag that is fire-proof (to 2000 degrees F), water-resistent, and lockable. It is available on Amazon for about $45 (Link = https://amzn.to/2Ygd4Uy ). This is a great storage solution for most folks.

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