"Bezos was one of the primary investors in Google, plugging in a quarter of a million dollars back in 1998, which equated to over 3 million shares of stock

Today, Google is involved in mass manipulation and censorship of information regarding organic food, natural medicine, and positive news about Donald Trump.

Bezos is also involved in censorship of certain products and themes of interest (to be covered in this entry) that counter the Democratic regime in Washington DC, which is about to be ousted.

Amazon.com participates in the sale of counterfeit dietary supplements and functions as a retail “front” for this rapidly expanding market of selling fake products to unsuspecting Amazon consumers. There has been an investigation of this fraud by Natural News."


Jeff Bezos & Amazon.com - TruthWiki

Jeff Bezos & Amazon.com - TruthWiki

Becoming more dangerous every year is Jeff Bezos–founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Amazon.com, the world’s largest online shopping retailer, and now owner of Washington DC’s famed fake news and propaganda rag called the Was