Although Retired Marine "LT" is strongly Christian and Evangelical, his programs of about forty minutes length usually don't start off on such a religious bent. Do not be put off by this, "LT" makes some VERY VALID points and observations, albeit from his Christian perspective. He still makes good sense and is worth your time spent listening. - - On to the intent of this post:

Covid Vaccine, Legal Argument and Advisory:
(Provided by New Mexico Attorney, N. Ana Garner)
Found at 18:35 in the following link to AndWeKnow:
“Experimental COVID-19 vaccines have not gone through the full Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process, and are authorized for Emergency Use only. According to the FDA 21U.S.Code, Section 360bbb-3, “Authorization for Medical Products for Use in Emergencies”, medical products which have been granted Emergency Use Authorization may not be compulsory and MUST BE VOLUNTARY only AFTER FULL INFORMED CONSENT. Thus, mandate of experimental COVID-19 vaccines or any pressure or coercion to consent to them, VIOLATES FEDERAL LAW,,(sic)

Private businesses are LIABLE for DAMAGES caused by the experimental shots if the employees are not given FULL FREEDOM of choice without threat of consequences. Government officials who impose COVID-19 vaccine mandates can be held PERSONALLY LIABLE FOR VIOLATING FEDERAL LAW, which requires voluntary and full informed consent to any product marketed under the Emergency Use Authorization.”
Attny N. Ana Garner