I Strongly Recommend Folks Pay Attention to these thirty-five minutes, giving thought to what we have experienced over these past thirteen or fourteen months and that which we see going on around us now.
As in a rather macabre and dystopian movie script where all people of the world, ALL People, save the "elite", are the unwitting participants being manipulated by a very wealthy “elite” who have already publically stated their goal of culling global human population to a "sustainable" level of five hundred million, down from eight billion.

Even though these things have, and are factually happening as so demonstrated in the "elite's" self-exalting interviews where they tell us EXACTLY What They Are DOING; yet, skeptics say “Conspiracy Theory” and simply admire the “elite” who go on asserting themselves with such grandiosity. (Consider Cuomo, Newsom, Pelosi, Waters, Adam Schitt, etc.)

Gates, with ABSOLUTELY NONE, ZIP, ZERO and NADA BACKGROUND in the Health, Medical or Bio-Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Industries, parades himself around as an “Authority” in the field of Vaccinations and “Preventative Medicine". All the while, he and his ilk have brought a life of permanent disfigurement, sensory handicaps, pain, and birth defects to millions of our brethren humans of darker complexion living in far less than comfortable surroundings; this as he says, “We’re just SHOOTING THIS STUFF into little children’s arms!” Rather sick if one should ask me.