Get to know God’s restored spiritual government.
-- apostles – prophets – evangelists – pastors – teachers—

God’s restored government is a lifeline to the church in this hour of temptation where prayer gatherings and conferences are so often the easy road (broad way) taken.

“We can understand the effect of the Spirit by looking at an acorn. When an acorn is planted in the soil, both the soil that nourishes the seed and the water that moistens the seed causes an effect: the father bears the son. The sapling bears the image of its parent.

The new tree is according to the blueprint of its genealogy. Its DNA is its genealogy. Jesus Christ is the genealogy and DNA of the righteous because we take on his likeness through his knowledge. We see that in the elements of the gospel. We carry the testimony of Christ in his knowledge and live by his power.

This blueprint of truth is the pattern of life in Christ that we live, and each element contributes to the pattern (genetic code). There is something familiar in each strand of divine DNA that tells you that you were made for this likeness.”

-Apostle Eric vonAnderseck from his IDCCST Online Course. Register for free by clicking the link in bio!

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