On the breaking news page of the "Newsmax website" we find several articles on the Arizona Audit Report made public yesterday. Look at this bias by Newsmax regarding the events: 1) Headline: "Trump calls Reports on Arizona Audit "Fake News" They use the word "Reports" to make it sound like Trump is talking about the "Report" and not the Fake news articles about the Report. 2) Headline: "Arizona Auditors Raise Biden's Vote Total, but also claim Multiple Anomalies Found" The highlight of the headline is vote count raised for Biden, and "Auditors claim" This was a "forensic audit" this report is supported by solid evidence. 3) Sub-headline: "One slide that was shown to law makers during the presentation suggested there had been 17,322 duplicate votes in the presidential contest." Folks, again this was a forensic audit and the duplicates were not votes but actual ballots, physical evidence of fraud. Newsmax is just as bad as FOX when it comes to 2020 election bias and coverup.