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Hello Y'allins (that's Southern talk for all y'all or yousins). I'll have to admit I haven't done much social media but I feel that disciples need a place where they can be open and talk freely so I'm very thankful for this outlet (USA.Life). I have a ministry that focuses on Sanctification/Deliverance as I enjoy helping people get set free from their oppression. I enjoy blessing people (whether in working with them to get set free or praying over people to see them get healed).

I also teach about spiritual warfare and how to live out the Bible to maximize blessings.
Many people are not aware of how the enemy oppresses them and sometimes we need help in doing so. I'm a little new to social media but I hope to get to know many more people that are doing kingdom work.

If it helps you to get to know me I'm a Messianic believer but that doesn't hinder me from working from other Yah/God believing denominations.

Praise Yeshua/Jesus!