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#darpa #whistleblower Exposes Arch Criminal #fauci in their words "Fauci engineered the virus in the #wuhan lab to be released then reverse engineer it to make & sell vaccines" They rejected his requests to approve this saying it's too dangerous but he did it anyway.

FAUCI has murdered the world.
He GUARANTEED an outbreak in 2017 right after the Inauguration.
He BUILT #covid19 and asked to release it onto the public.

CRIMINAL Accomplices are Facebook, Twitter, Google for Criminally covering it up and for Criminally hiding & denying access to LIFE SAVING Treatments. Fauci's daughter works at Twitter & Facebook & Fauci's LAB TECHNICIAN EXPERT AT WUHAN is the Science Director at Facebook who is BANNING ALL THE DOCTORS.

The DARPA whistleblowers are ON VIDEO SAYING IT.