The globalists and world elite that give the treasury $100 and then tell the government they have to pay $120 back. < That's where inflation comes from. Then when the government runs out of money, they lend more.. and the cycle continues. The private [not] federal reserve keeps printing, the government keeps raising the arbitrary debt ceiling, and here we are. All the gold was looted years ago. The only reason gold stores are being guarded now is so that no one can see there's nothing inside. The only reason gold keeps rising in value is because no one has figured that out yet. The lever that runs the economy now is oil. And the globalists have used their communist turncoat minion in government and in the corporate sector to stop producing it. The whole world is about to freeze and starve. People will throw gold in the streets.The times that we're entering right now will be worse than both world wars and even the hundreds of millions killed by communism, previously. I can hear the hooves of the 4 horses clapping in the distance. The rumbling is getting louder. Some of the vials have already been poured. Disease, pestilence and famine is underway. Then there will be war. Peoples eyes and tongues will melt in their skull where they stand, before they've had the time to hit the ground. Then death and famine. Then hell on earth as Satan tries to rally his pathetic army to stand before the Lord -- until the Lord annihilates them all to put a stop to it before there's no flesh left.