I created this group to have open discussions concerning conclusions and discoveries I have made after using NLP, Hypnosis and Systems Thinking analysis to research and map the potential of human awareness at a practical level. The basic premise is that consciousness - or awareness is essentially a non-physical phenomenon. There is a big difference between the brain and the mind.

My findings lead me to understand the reality of the laws of correspondence - (so as above, so is below, so as within, so is without... etc..) to be a methodology we are well served to use to create accurate maps of the territory we call "psychology". Instead of going with the assumptions that we have a "conscious" and "subconscious" mind, I apply the two hemispheres of the brain as a foundation for a new model, stating that there is awareness and lack of awareness as a process and that we have a rational mind-mirrored by the left hemisphere of the brain and an emotional mind mirrored by the right hemisphere.

Unknown to many is the fact that all rational attributes of the left hemisphere of the brain must use the processes of fragmentation to be rational. In addition, rational cognition uses sequential logic. Emotional intelligence attributes that belong to the right hemisphere of the brain must use the principles of wholeness and simultaneous logic.

As such, the mind has the potential to take apart and put back together again any and all perceptions of reality, self and the universe. This is the hallmark of a master. This is also a good reason to say that there is no good reason for any competition to exist between left and right hemispheres of the brain, or the rational and emotional minds.

Because the emotional intelligence is based on the principles of wholeness, it is meta - or fundamental in relationship with the rational mind which normally wants to have a dominant position, repressing emotional intelligence. This limits the potential of performance severely. A better solution is that the rational mind serves the emotional mind as a willing assistant and trustee, which is exactly what Einstein discovered in his time.

This is but one of the many different discoveries that are available to experiment with, discuss and debate in an open format on this group page. As a certified NLP-trainer I have over 22,000 hours of client experiences working with solution based psychotherapy and hypnosis as the main tools of choice. Welcome to this group.