The Constitutional Grassroots Movement proudly endorses Nichole Williams for Tennessee US House District 1.

Nichole Williams is a young new face in politics seeking to make a difference for the sake of Liberty. Born and raised in Tennessee, she has lived her entire life in Kingsport, Tennessee. A passionate Christian, she always vows to do what is right, and fights to protect the unborn, veterans and those in her community. At the age of 33 year, Nichole is a wife and mother to her 3 daughters who are the ages of 5, 11, and 13 years old. She had her first child at the young age of 20, and has pushed through life very successfully with her determination to give a good life for herself and her children.

Nichole is a strong advocate for Constitutionalism, the Second Amendment, veteran care, children’s lives and a strong military. She also seeks to return to a 100% free market economy as we were intended to be, by eliminating costly and unnecessary regulations, abolishing the Federal Reserve, eliminating the Federal Minimum Wage, and removing costly programs and subsidies at the expense of the tax payers. While still young, Nichole is ambitious enough to challenge the mainstream agenda and restore our Constitutional Republic as it is intended.

If you would like to reach out to Nichole Williams personally, you can reach her by telephone, email or her campaign website here:

Phone: Call (423) 383-4114



Face Book: