Founded by Ambassador Nikki Haley, Stand for America is an advocacy group promoting public policies that strengthen America’s economy, culture, and national security.

American Culture
America’s cultural fabric is being torn at from many sides. Too many people on both sides of political disputes see the other side as their enemy instead of their opponent.

Border Security and Public Safety
No country has been more generous to immigrants than America. But we must always be a country of laws. And no laws are more important than those that determine who comes into our country.

Foreign Threats
America faces many threats from enemies and competitors overseas. China, Russia, and Iran are chief among the international dangers.

Socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried. It would turn America into a big government, weak economy, welfare state, or worse.

Term Limits
It is common for members of Congress to stay in the same office for 20, 30, 40, sometimes even 50 years. It is time to put the American people back in charge and enact term limits.