Herod aint got nothin' on the u.s., when it comes to murdering babies. Sodomites mock God, and Gods people... celebrate, and take pride in their sin, while also making a mockery out of Gods sanctification of marriage. Scoffers, and lovers of self abound in this land. Their venomous attacks against morality, and all things holy... false religions feeding lies to ignorant people, pagan idolatry, you name it. All of this is nothing new. God destroyed sodom, gomorrah, admah, and zeboim, for their reprobate minds, and their abominations. I firmly believe that God is sending a message, not only to the world, but especially the united states. Its time to shut down these evil abominable people, and their lifestyles. Get back to what we were founded on, or we are going to see many many more judgements, that are much worse than the current pestilence. If you believe your bible is literal, and you are aware of the historical accounts of all of the great civilizations falling to destruction in a day, the flood of Noah, the fall of babylon, and even Jerusalem!, then you are well aware of the fact that God is not finished. Fight to abolish these sins, and turn back to your faith. Its the only way. God bless you all, in the name of Yeshua!