The global ambitions of India

How India is quietly and cleverly exerting soft power influence and control over the USA.

There is only one country specific caucus in the senate, and that is the Senate India Caucus:

That, along with the House India Caucus, has worked tirelessly to adjust America towards a pro-India stance in its foreign policy:

Additionally, India has been using its covert intelligence agencies to influence North American elections:

Now most of this is very subtle and not felt by the majority of Americans, unless they are in technology:

Microsoft has been gradually moving software development work over to India, and knowledge workers can attest to the result in the worsening quality of their software.  With more offshoring to India, companies need to bring in more people capable of communicating in Hindu and other Indian dialects to coordinate with offshore teams in India.  This has led to companies more and more hiring foreign nationals from India only:

The end result of all this will be more and more American citizens (not just technology workers) will be displaced by foreign nationals from India, which will increase poverty as the foreign nationals work for less.  The first targets for displacement will obviously be Indo-Americans, as they won't be able to scream discrimination, and will be paid more.

Given the pro-India drive of the House and Senate India caucuses, and Indian nepotism only hiring foreign nationals from India when positions within American are available, coupled with further offshoring to India, it is not inconceivable to predict that within 10 to 15 years, America will be stripped of its wealth and technology for the benefit of India.