Saved Without A Doubt Book Study

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A complete study of the book "Saved Without a Doubt" by John MacArthur

Greetings and welcome to all those that have come here to dive into a topic MANY in the church of today think they have a perfect grasp of and yet I think you will quickly realize FEW really do. 

We will also quickly realize how many pastors's out there teach a watered-down none confrontational version of the Gospel message because they are afraid of offending people, losing members, sadly many of them are either judged by or judge themselves by how many people they have sitting in their pews which is a terrible way to judge how good or bad a pastor is at what he is called to do, or they are afraid of losing TITHES AND OFFERINGS thereby losing a lot more than just the power of their position but the money in their wallets as well.

Another issue we will be finding out is the twisting of what some will say about those radicals that believe that "Once Saved Always Saved" stuff. What does that really mean, do they really think once they get saved they cannot lose their salvation so go out there and party it up bro. Or just how does all that work or doesn't work?

In fact, where did the beliefs of the so-called "Calvinist's" and "Armenian's" really come from and why should it even matter to us today since that was a BILLION YEARS AGO? well maybe not a BILLION years ago but at least longer than any of us have been breathing right?

Also, what does it mean to be "assured of our salvation"? Is there really any true assurance? What happens if we are driving down the road after having a REALLY BAD DAY at work. Maybe we got into a terrible fight with a co-worker, said some HORRIBLE things to them, at least very unchristian things. Made a fool of ourselves and the worse thing is everyone knows we are supposed to be a "Christian" and we acted like THAT? Then several nut jobs cut us off on the way home which caused more ungodly things to rip out of our mouths without our lips being able to stop those things in time, that tongue is a wicked and evil thing we all can confess I am sure. You even lied to our boss about why you were late coming back from lunch and the lists go on because after all that was MONDAY, right?

However, on the way home, still in a foul ungodly mood, angry and so on a semi comes from the left side through a red light and hits your door at a blistering 55 mph. They literally have to cut your dead body out of the car hours after it happens because you have become part of the car.

You're deader than a tuna fish sandwich on Rye. What happens now? You go before God but you have just spent a day IN SIN LITERALLY and now without any time to repent of your day of sin you are standing before God in THAT condition, what happens?

Well, I am not going to say right now that is for sure but these are the things we will talk about. I can tell you this VERY issue drove me to the brink of madness, I am not exaggerating either I must tell you. As my own mind would go off on its own little mental vacations and I knew SIN was something I could NEVER beat in my life, anyone that claims they have beat sin like Joyce Meyer claims to have done is a LIAR and the truth is not in them. I truly thought I would never be able to serve God and had a time of "back-Sliding" because of all that. Until God Woke Me Up to His Truth written in His Word.

Okay, I'll write all day and since most have the attention span of a GNAT these days IF you have read this far, YOU WIN THE BIG PRIZE OF..... Well high praise from me.

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Thank you and I look forward to starting to this soon.