Best Cars For First-Time Drivers

It's always scary when new drivers hit the road, but these cars are best equipped for new drivers.

Getting your driver’s license is an exciting event full of freedom and opportunity. No longer relying on public transport or the generosity of friends, a licensed driver can go where they want, whenever they want. But which car to drive is a topic of much significance. Whether you’re a concerned parent, teenager, or newly licensed adult, the car you drive should be comfortable, easy to maneuver, and, most of all, safe. Here are some of the top cars for beginner drivers that can help put any worried minds at ease.


Chevy Malibu


Chevrolet's Malibu is considered to be one of the best family cars on the market. This midsize sedan comes equipped with easy-to-use controls so beginners can focus on the road instead of fiddling to find their wipers or turn the radio on. The cabin is spacious and feels open, a plus for claustrophobic newbies, and boasts exceptional fuel economy and responsive handling for a smooth and controlled ride. Worried about what your newly licensed teenager? The Malibu has a Teen Driver system that reports issues or errors a driver makes on the road. Parents can review their child’s progress and identify any areas that need some attention and practice. All in all, the Chevy Malibu has the features needed to help foster the next wave of safe drivers.


Honda Fit


This subcompact hatchback with the versatility of a small SUV. Great for new drivers that just need to get around locally or students needing to go to and from campus, the Honda Fit has always been an alluring urban rover. The Fit is also good on gas, about 33 mpg overall, and doesn’t cost much to maintain, making it a great match for new drivers with a budget. 

The Fit doesn’t pack a lot of punch which can be ideal for fresh drivers that still feel a little intimidated by high speeds and quick acceleration. But what the Fit lacks in power it makes up for in responsiveness, agility, and ease of handling leaving the driver with a safe and fun car to drive.


Subaru Forester XT


This long-trusted SUV delivers a comfortable and roomy interior, outstanding visibility, innate controls, and up to 32 mpg with highway driving. The Forester feels roomy, with a spacious rear seat for family members, friends, sports equipment, and more. Safety ratings on the Forester are through the roof as it’s been shown to receive impressive scores in crash-test performance. Subaru also offers the option to add EyeSight to the Forester’s protection gear to further boost the Forester’s safety rating. EyeSight provides collision warnings, automatic emergency braking, and more so uneasy first-time drivers have back-up they can rely on.


Nissan Sentra


The Nissan Sentra is a pleasant, small sedan with a roomy, well-designed interior and commendable handling. The Sentra offers a high driving position that most novice drivers find helpful when it comes to visibility. Access to the entire cabin is quite feasible from the driver’s seat which can help prevent rookie drivers from having to divert their attention from the road when trying to reach for items in the car. This compact car is economical and user-friendly, with straightforward controls that still feel luxurious and sophisticated enough to entice even the most tech-loving teen drivers.


Honda Civic


The Honda Civic is a compact car with a lot to deliver. Its performance and handling are better than most in its class and it comes stocked with many advanced technology and safety features. It’s an agile car with excellent fuel economy and functioning with help from turbocharged engines. Newer models have extra sound insulation to control road-noise, something that can be confusing and distracting to inexperienced drivers. The Civic offers versatility in style as it is available as a sedan, coupe, or hatchback. Whatever model you choose, you can be sure to receive a consistent automobile made from quality material.



New drivers shouldn’t have to compromise style and efficiency when choosing a safe and suitable first car to drive. These cars and many more can provide you and your families with the assurance and reliability you need as a first-time driver.