The Different Uses of Protein

How Protein can help you in you workout, and how to select the right kind of protein.

What is isolate protein? 
Whey isolate protein is a dietary supplement that is commonly used as a food ingredient. It is created by separating certain components from whey, which is actually a milk by-product of the cheese-making process. This process breaks down the whey into three various forms such as whey isolate, whey concentrate, or whey hydrolysate. The only difference between the three forms is the texture and composition of the product as well as the protein content.
Whey isolate is the form that contains the highest percentage of pure protein. This is the most common and most popular form because it can actually be made pure enough to be consumed while it remains cholesterol-free, lactose-free and carbohydrate-free which is one of the main reasons it is used in protein shakes to build muscle and to help burn fat.

What is protein powder?

This protein powder is a dietary supplement that is very common between exercise enthusiasts and frequent gym-goers. It is sometimes used as a meal replacement when people are focused on slimming down and cutting back on calories. But the real reason protein powder is used after the workout is that it is equipped with essential ingredients that are great for repairing and rebuilding damaged muscles after a tough workout session. Protein powder is used in the form of a shake and is usually very tasty so it is also used as a snack to curb sweets. Rather than snacking it is more beneficial to the body to consume protein powder. It's usually mixed with a flavored liquid such as milk or coconut water or regular water and it can be used or blended as a smoothie with frozen fruit.

How does protein powder work?

Protein powder is composed of three key components and ingredients that are basically the secret sauce. The first is Creatine which is an organic compounds that gives the power of the cell and it increases intensity during workouts like weight training for example. L-Carnitine is also an ingredient that is commonly found in diet products, is an amino acid that transfers fatty acids from fat cells in order for them to be used and burned as energy. And, then there are enzymes that can be they can also be referred to as probiotics that help to breakdown specific compounds in the stomach.

How to properly use protein powder?

To properly use protein powder you should select the best protein for you by conducting research you can ask store associates or if you're ordering online you may conduct your own thorough research to find out what is best for you. You may also check the ingredients to see what resonates with your body. If you are a fan of smoothies you may try this method first. You can use any form of milk or water mixed with a little ice to blend up some fruits, which will make it a little tastier. Or, you can use a shaker cup that has the same effect. With the shaker cup, you add protein powder and your liquid and you may add ice before to chill it but it's not the same consistency as a blended smoothie, and it doesn't get the same taste.

The best time to drink your protein shake is after your workout because this is the most important time for you to be repairing and rebuilding your muscles after an exercise. There is no scientific method to tell you what time to drink it but, studies have shown that after you exercise is when the shake provides the best benefit for you otherwise you could have it for a snack or you can start your day with protein.

How to sneak protein into your day?

You can also find ways to sneak protein into your diet throughout the day. This consists of adding it to a variety of dishes or snacks. You can add a scoop to your pancakes, burgers, pancakes, cupcakes, donut and much more.