6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building a Website

There are over a billion websites in existence today. Consider these things before you build your own.

There are over a billion websites in existence today. You'll find just as many people willing to join that increasing number. Whether it be a work-related website, travel site, forum or a blog, you may have toyed with the idea of launching your own internet presence. Before you jump in, you should take a few things into consideration. Here are six questions to ask yourself before constructing a website.

Can You Build a Website Yourself

The first thing you might wonder is if you're actually capable of building a site yourself. The answer is a resounding yes! With a little time and patience, you can design a completely functional site all by yourself. If you're interested in writing articles about a topic you love, consider an informational blog. You can also build a website as an online resume, like an author or an actor. That can be accomplished with a few professional looking pages and contact information. You can also create an online store, discussion forum or promote a business and reach new customers.

How Much Do You Want to Spend

When you build a website, there's always a start-up cost. This doesn't have to be a lot of money. These expenses include hosting and registering your domain name. Plans come in many sizes and one will be tailored to your needs. You'll also need to learn about easy-to-use website builders used to create the layout of your site. Many programs have premium versions giving you even more flexibility when designing. If you plan on generating income from your site, study your options carefully.

What's Your Passion

Your next step is to decide exactly what your website will be about. Think of what your passion is. If there's a subject you drive other people crazy talking about, this is probably it. There may be many websites dedicated to your topic, so you need to make yours just a little different. For example, if you want to create a site about cooking, you could talk exclusively about cooking with local ingredients in your area. This is called your particular niche and it makes it different from any other site.

Who Is Your Target Audience

In order to have a website that succeeds, learn about who your target audience is. Who is most likely to spend time on your site reading your articles or buying your product? When you have a demographic in mind, you can customize your site accordingly. Do your research and study up on your future audience. Look at competing websites and analyze what they don't offer that you potentially could.

What Web Style Is Most Effective

Now that you have your niche and your basic information, the real fun starts. Much like decorating a room, your website is a blank canvas. It's time to think about innovative color schemes, fonts and placement. You can choose a clean, minimalist style or something colorful with movement and fancy effects. This is a good time to search the internet and find sites you admire. Make a list of features you like and begin by drawing up a diagram with your ideas.

Do You Have Enough Material

Look towards the future when building your website. If you are building a blog or other informational site, consider how much material you have waiting in the wings. It would be a good idea to have a bank of completed articles written and all ready to go. This way, you can concentrate on getting used to how your site works and have a few weeks of riveting material ready to plug in.

Enjoying Your New Site

Designing and building a website is one of the most gratifying projects you can dedicate time to. It's also a terrific learning experience into the world of web design, no matter what your experience level is. On top of that, it's also fun! Watching people find a website you built yourself and seeing it grow is very satisfying. It's likely you'll wish you had done it years ago.