How To Fill Your Child’s Summer Hours When They Are Out of School

Here are a few ways you can help fill your child’s summer hours with quality activities when they are out of school.

When you ask most teens how they plan on spending the summer, many will become animated about a new video game, some may discuss spending time with friends, and a few will have outdoor activities planned such as surfing or sandboarding. Most parents want their children to experience a wide range of activities instead of spending all day on the couch in front of a television screen, so it can be disheartening when you hear your child wants to spend the entire summer beating a game. Unfortunately, due to work schedules, many parents can not be home to diversify the child’s summer activities. Here are a few ways you can help fill your child’s summer hours with quality activities when they are out of school.

  1. Partner With Parents

If you know of any parents that are home with their children for the summer, consider partnering with them for certain hours each day or during specified days each week. Not only can you be certain the children are supervised during those hours, but you can also receive reports about what activities your child was involved in during those periods. If your child has special interests such as baking, outdoors, ancient history, or creative writing, let your partner know so he or she can incorporate a day of those interests into the summer schedule.

  1. Create Fun Activities

If you have time off during the summer, consider creating fun activities to do with your children. These events can be diverse, and you may find your children talking about them all week long. If you have one of the beautiful custom pools Las Vegas, invite school friends over for a swim party and barbeque. Check with your local forestry service and see if tree planting activities are planned in the area and sign up to be included. Tour your hometown from a visitor’s point of view – including museums, zoos, and famous restaurants.

  1. Determine Screen Time

Some sort of technology fills most grownup’s lives in this modern world, so it comes as no surprise that children want to emulate adults and participate in online activities. Since adults played outdoor games as children, rode bikes in their neighborhoods, and had physical activities with other children during the summer, having a child that wants to stay indoors enjoying screen time for long periods can be disconcerting. To make sure your child perceives his or her summer as enjoyable, consider allowing a predetermined length of daily screen time for games, shows, or videos. If your child is absent minded or small, set a timer to remind him or her of time limitations.

  1. Establish Special Events

The world can be filled with wonder when you are a child, and you can help your children prolong the magic by creating some special events during the summer. Go camping, tell ghost stories, and give a prize to the person that spots the most different types of animals. Create a time capsule and bury it in the backyard with instructions that no one can open it until a specified year. If you live near a forest area, purchase a metal detector and hunt for treasure in the middle of nowhere – but make sure you don’t get lost!

Living in a world that is constantly changing is difficult when it comes to understanding how your child views his or her life experiences. As a parent, you want the best for your child, and sometimes it can be difficult for your children to understand your point of view; however, being creative and establishing a schedule of events can help expand your child’s world in unexpected and exciting ways. You must remember that there are two sides to most issues, and compromise is often a valuable solution when it comes to how teenagers want to spend their summer hours. Change can be difficult, but you can teach your child to reach beyond the experiences they are familiar with, and he or she may discover a love for something new to look forward to every summer as they fill their free time.