Republicans to support in the primaries

These Republicans have graciously offered to rescind both HR1044 and S386, job killing bills that would make it easier for foreign nationals from India to offshore American knowledge worker jobs to India.

Updated March 6, 2020.

These Republicans are currently running in the primaries to either unseat RINOs or Democrats who support offshoring US jobs to India ( (Texas - Senate, to replace Senator John Corrnyn - who wants to corn hole US tech workers)  (Texas 14th district House of Representatives)  (New Jersey 8th district House of Representatives) (North Carolina 7th district House of Representatives) (Mississippi 3rd district House of Representatives) (Tricia Flanagan New Jersey Senate) (Lauren Witzke Delaware Senate) (Mo Brooks Alabama 5th district House of Repressentatives) (Yukong Zhao Florida 7th district House of Representatives) (Mo Brooks Alabama 5th district House of Representatives) (Ignacio Cruz 19th district of California, House of Representatives) (Jarome Bell, Virginia 2nd district House of Representatives)