What Makes Trump Different From the Liars in the Democrat Party?

LIBs focus on things that don't matter.

This article is from September 2019. It was posted on another platform where I tried to communicate with fellow Patriots, but that platform repeatedly censored me -- without telling me why.  I will be moving all of my Notes from there to here in the coming weeks.

Dinesh D'Souza nails it.
There are two Trumps. There is the Retail Trump and the Wholesale Trump. In the retail sense, Trump is a massive bullshitter. But in the wholesale sense, Trump is "incredibly dependable."

Most politicians are the opposite. The average retail politician has to rely on focus groups. The retail politician will never say anything that is out of bounds because they research it. The retail politician is always vetting their comments, but it’s still retail politician bullshit.
The Wholesale Trump is the one who makes good on his promises and what he campaigned to do. What he says he's going to do -- he does. For that reason, the Wholesale Trump is more reliable than any other wholesale politician before him. Most wholesale politicians DO NOT KEEP THEIR PROMISES.
The Retail Trump may be fly-by-night, but his instincts as the Wholesale Trump -- about what is best -- what is right and wrong for a strong America -- is mostly accurate.
The Wholesale Trump doesn't calculate politics. He knows instinctively what to do, and he does it.
While Trump is a massive egotist, he is still second to the biggest egotist of all -- Bayrack. Trump’s ego -- considered by many as a weakness, is in reality a forcefield that gives him the ability to forge ahead with his agenda against all of the attacks from everywhere. And Trump is attacked from everywhere. From Everywhere.
While all of Trump's enemies -- and also the Cheerleaders for Failure -- focus on the Retail Trump (he's mean, he's orange, he cheats at golf, all the bullshit negative stories about Trump with no quoted sources, impeachment foolishness based on nothing, where USAF planes refuel, who stays in Trump hotels, blah blah blah), the Wholesale Trump keeps getting things done.
D'Souza's analysis explains at least one perspective as to why Trump continues to be successful in his agenda despite all the roadblocks and speedbumps. All of the undermining and backstabbing done to Trump don’t seem to matter. “America First” marches on.
I agree with D'Souza, but I also have an additional view to add to that analysis. My personal perspective on all of this is that because Trump is a businessman, he knows how to delegate responsibility and assigns tasks for his cabinet and heads of sub-departments of the Executive Branch that he expects to get done. After over two years, those working for Trump know that if they don't do the job well, they will be jettisoned.
Americans are results oriented. They knew what they were getting with the Retail Trump and they hoped against hope that the Wholesale Trump would keep his promises and carry the day. THAT has happened -- AND MORE. And all of that is why the Retail Trump doesn’t matter to voters who LOVE AMERICA.
Today, the Retail Trump continues to distract while the Wholesale Trump continues to achieve. LIBs haven't figured it out yet.