What I Call JFK Democrats

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There are many Democrats and Independents who still love America.

This article is from January 2020. It was posted on another platform where I tried to communicate with fellow Patriots, but that platform repeatedly censored me -- without telling me why.  I will be moving all of my Notes from there to here in the coming weeks.

Believe it or not, there are Democrats in America who believe in the three main tenets of the Founders and Framers: defending the Constitution, promoting Free Enterprise and nurturing Individual Liberty. I call them “JFK Democrats.”
President John F. Kennedy was the last great Democrat president who loved America, understood economics and was intent upon defending our country and our citizens. He even ushered in tax cuts that spurred the US economy. JFK was a proud American.
These JFK Democrats who lived during his administration are few and far between. They are dying out every year, but that doesn’t mean that the idea of JFK Democrats is also dying with it. There are Democrats who believe in the three main tenets who were not even alive when JFK was president. Some work on Wall Street. Some work in the coal mines of West Virginia. Some work in the steel mills of Pennsylvania. Some work on cattle ranches in Montana and Wyoming. Some work on shrimp boats in the Gulf of Mexico or the oil fields of Texas and Oklahoma. These younger Democrats, who believe in the three main tenets, don’t know that they’re JFK Democrats; but they love their country.
These JFK Democrats are the ones who pushed Trump over the top in the Electoral College in 2016, and they continue to rally to his campaign in even greater numbers today. At all of the Trump rallies, his campaign staff collects data from the participants. That data usually translates into a 25% share of Democrats attending Trump rallies. Sometimes it’s larger than that. Included in that data is voting history, race/culture questions and other significant demographic data.
The cause of this shift in political allegiance has nothing to do with party. It has everything to do with the changing philosophy of the national Democrat leadership since the Obama years. Those who control the power within today’s Democrat party are for everything that is rejected by Americans who love their country -- abortion, open borders, no voter ID, sanctuary cities, high taxation, weak foreign policy, wasteful spending and policies and programs that destroy jobs and the US economy on Main Street.
If you don’t believe me about JFK Democrats who were not alive when JFK was president, go visit #Walkaway -- their web site and their pages on social media. You will be astounded at the testimonials of lifelong Democrats who have been awakened by the radical Left’s lurch further and further toward fascism and communism.  MANY of them were not alive during the JFK years, but they defend the Constitution, they promote Free Enterprise, and they nurture Individual Liberty.  
JFK Democrats love America and reject the Democrat party of today.