Togo: Heart of A Survivor

One of the best movies that I've seen in a long, long time.

I absolutely despise what Disney has become and what they try to impose on our youth and our society -- but I watched Togo after seeing the trailer.
Togo is a movie -- based on a true story -- about the most heroic dog ever. One that led a dogsled team through Alaska over 260 miles through a storm for the ages to get a serum to dying children.
The three main characters -- Togo and his two owners -- are all the same: relentless, full of passion, hard-headed, of strong character and courageous. They are all three survivors.
Like the dog in the movie Old Yeller, Togo was a dog that no one wanted, and only one person saw his value and worth from the very beginning of his time on earth. Yes, I remember Old Yeller. It’s weird how a movie made in 1957 and seen so long ago is still remembered.
I won’t ruin Togo for you. I’ll only tell you that it’s great, full of adventure, full of emotion, courage, love, danger and drama. Togo is one of the finest movies that I have seen in years and will probably make my list of movies that I watch annually. The action and drama was so dynamic and continuous in the last hour, that I didn’t want to watch -- but I kept watching.