12 Highest Paid People of Wall Street

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Life is all about taking a risk. Whether you are a professional who is investing an amount of million dollars or simply a student, hiring a new writer to do my assignment.

Life is all about taking a risk. Whether you are a professional who is investing an amount of million dollars or simply a student, hiring a new writer to do my assignment. Everything takes courage and a little bit of risk factor is always involved in every venture. Those who take risks and proceed with patience are the ones who triumph in the end. Whereas, those who are not bold enough to take innovative steps are left behind in the race of survival.

Today, we are going to discuss such people who are never afraid of taking risks in the stock market of wall-street. These are the people who invested huge sums of money in their businesses and eventually got the profit they desired through hard work. I am talking about the people who are the highest-paid among all the wall-street workers or investors. Let us see who these fortunate people are:

James Simons:

James Simons is the CEO and founder of Renaissance Technologies. He is also called the smartest billionaire on the planet with his degrees from MIT and UC Berkeley. He founded the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies LLC back in the 80s after teaching at Harvard and cracking codes for the defence department of USA.

Currently, Simons is not only the smartest but a compassionate billionaire too. With his funds for the fight against autism, he spends millions of dollars through his non-profit organization called Math For America. The key to his success has been his efficient trading algorithms and the use of computers to determine the investments.

John Paulson

While the mortgage crisis brought many high soaring people back to land, it made some of them fly higher as well. John Paulson was one of these people who benefited from mortgage crisis unlike most of his Wall Street companions. However, it was not only on chance but his forward led him to vast sums of money.

John Paulson predicted the mortgage crisis in anticipation and created two hedge funds dedicated to betting against a subprime mortgage. Now he is considered as the number one investor on Wall Street. Initially, he worked as a banker for Bear Sterns. However, in 1994, he created his hedge fund to quit banking and after that, he never turned behind.

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is also known as the “Oracle of Omaha” for his investment choices and his Nebraska hometown. He was once the richest man in the world but eventually lost billions of dollars in a few years. However, he is still considered the greatest investor of all the times.

After being snatched off his position of the world’s richest man, he is still one of the highest-paid men among his Wall Street colleagues.

Ray Dalio

On his credit is the world’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater Associates. He is the founder, CEO and CIO of the company. He made his first investment at the age of 12 with $300 into stock in Northeast Airlines.

He is known among the business community as an honest man who keeps accountability of himself and his employees before everything else. This is considered his secret of success. The no-nonsense hedge fund manager has an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Carl Icahn

Icahn is a college dropout who left his classes before the coursework could be completed. He eventually earned a degree from Princeton University though. He was popularized recently when he returned a huge amount of more than $1.7 billion to outside investors with a warning of market meltdown.

People are, however, sceptical of his intentions on returning the money. Some think he returned the money because he wanted to avoid the regulations of hedge funds with outside investors. However, it should be considered that his outside funds only contain 25% of his funds’ profits.

Dan Loeb

The hedge fund created by Dan Loeb is called Third Point Management which refers to his passion for surfing. Loeb has a degree in economics from Columbia University.

The man is known as “Angry Investor”, titled by the New Yorker in 2005. This is because of his outrageous letters to the CEOs of the companies that he has invested in, demanding more profit all the time. He often even demands people to lose their jobs for his profits.

Scott Shleifer

Scott Shleifer is a partner at Tiger Global Management. Nowadays he manages all of the private equity investing at the company. He joined the firm back in 2002 and has come a long way since then.

His best-known investment is that of in china worth $200 million in an e-commerce platform called JD.com. this investment brought with it a return of almost $5 billion. Under his management, the New York based Tiger Global has gone past the assets of $27 billion.

Joseph Edelman

Joseph Edelman is the founder and portfolio manager of Perceptive Advisors, a New York based hedge fund, founded in 1999. He began his hedge fund with only $6 million. However, his net worth at this time alone is more than $1.2 billion.

The 65-year-old businessman of Wall Street has earned his graduate degree in psychology from the University of California San Diego and an MBA degree from New York University. He is known for his investments in health care and biotech funds.

David Tepper

David Tepper is an eclectic investor. His earnings have doubled in the last year compared to the previous one and he is among the top five richest men of Wall Street. Tepper, a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers professional football team, recently won the bidding to purchase football’s Carolina Panthers, for $2.275 billion as well.

He is the founder and president of Appaloosa Management which is a hedge fund based in Miami Beach, Florida. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Pittsburgh as well as an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Kenneth Griffin

The chief executive of investment firm Citadel founded in 1990 is a clever investor. He operates with a sum of $32 billion in investment capital. In recent years, the funds for Citadel Global Fixed Income rose 13.07 percent which is its highest double gain. Also, Citadel Global Equities Fund was up by more than 12 percent.

Israel (Izzy) Englander

The founder of Millennium Management began this company with $35 million in 1989. However, now it is worth more than $38 billion. Israel Englander is also known as hedge fund Guru.

The master investor started trading stock since the days of high schools. Englander’s family was killed in the Holocaust and he travelled to America later in 1947 with two older sisters. He has a B.S degree in finance from New York University in his portfolio along with billions of dollars in his pocket.

Christopher Hohn

Christopher Hohn is the founder of TCI Fund Management and the top performer in the last few years. His huge interest in London based investors earned him a lot of profits in the near past.

The English billionaire graduated from the University of Southampton from accounting and business economics. Later, he completed his MBA from Harvard Business School. He was appointed Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG) in the 2014 Birthday Honours for services to philanthropy and international development.


The investment is hedge funds and Wall Street is not for faint-hearted. The activity requires courage, patience and a sharp business mind to understand and bear the ups and downs. You can imagine the fear when you remember the last night of the deadline “oh I have to do my assignment.” What would happen to you if you had billions of dollars drowned because of one crisis in Wall Street? Surely it takes courage to earn huge profits.