Oh Lamb of God!

A poem about the wonderful work of salvation in a believers heart.

Oh Lamb of God!

I know for sure that Your Voice is You!
For The Living Word within is true
Right within my soul Your Spirit dwells
About God's Kingdom Your love tells.

Forgiving love is wonderful within
For it surely does away with sin.
Bringing thankfulness alive
Bringing an end to all my inner strife.

Keep teaching me The Way to go
Living Waters through me to flow.
A heart praising God each Day anew
His loving Word that ugly Dragon slew.

Slowly day after day You take me in
Onhigh with You and all God's kin
Praising Father for only He is good.
His loving Truth my constant food.

More and more The TRUTH reveals
As The Lamb of God opens all the seals
Angels beside themselves with glee
God's amazing Salvation I may see!

Oh Lamb of God - You alone I praise!
Oh Your loving truth bringing Grace!
Without Your Word I could not have known
What Your love in me has sown!