How to Cancel Air New Zealand Booking Due to COVID-19

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Once the passengers Air New Zealand cancel booking, the cancellation fee will be charged on the a forementioned factors.

It is the truth that people have been going through this pandemic because of which they are in a lockdown. The headlines of nearly all the news channels around the world sound the same and the message is loud and clear “stay home to stay safe”. Surely this is creating many problems and issues for the entire globe but there is nothing people can do for it until an antidote is found. Most of the countries have been shut and the people are not getting out of their homes. Social distancing has been advised by all the doctors, governments and all the experts. The outburst of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is not only taking the lives of the innocents but is also creating many effects that will matter in the long run. The economy of all the countries is dropping day by day because the companies are shut, people are not working, the productions have stopped, export and import are also on a pause. The fear in the eyes of the people is real. The most affected industry right now is the travel industry. People that are always from their homes are not able to get back to their country because no flight is working right now. The hotel bookings have been cancelled, the flights have been cancelled, the tourist places are empty, the pilgrimage centers have been vacated, the markets are clear, the malls are abandoned. The only places that are full right now are the hospitals and the cremation centers.

The most occupied airlines are now at a halt since the government of all the countries has imposed a restriction on the travel activities. Even I was planning to travel to Milan to attend a fashion show that was about to happen in March. Earlier we were all thinking it is merely limited to China and there is no chance that the virus will reach worldwide. I did not imagine that we would crave to live our normal lives and get stuck in our own homes. I had made reservations with the Air New Zealand to fly to Milan (Italy) for the fashion show and did not understand the seriousness of the virus. We all were thinking that it will vanish within a few days and things will get back to normal. Now that I see the news I thank God that took the right decision to cancel booking Air New Zealand. Thankfully all the airlines are adjusting with the situation currently. The government has asked every airline to follow the instructions of the lockdown and provide maximum flexibility to all the customers that cancel booking Air New Zealand. I went to the official website of Air New Zealand and cancelled my booking before ten days from the departure of my flight. I am glad the airlines are providing a maximum refund to the passengers.

Once I was on the official website of Air New Zealand, I gathered the following information there:

In case you are making the cancellation before the departure of the flight then the refund will be initiated by the airline.

There is a cancellation fee applicable to the passengers that cancel the bookings with Air New Zealand. This fee is based on multiple factors like the fare type purchased by you, the number of tickets selected for cancellation, the duration between the cancellation and the departure of the flight, the time of cancellation, the origin of the flight, the destination of the flight and more.

Once the passengers' Air New Zealand cancel booking, the cancellation fee will be charged on the aforementioned factors.

The passenger will get a refund if she or he is eligible for it and the refund will be credited in the same bank account once the cancellation fee is deducted.

The passenger that owns a nonrefundable ticket may get a refund but they may get credit towards Air New Zealand that can be used in the future.
If the passenger cancels the ticket within the initial 24 hours of the purchase he or she will get a full refund.
Another condition for the 24-hour rule applies is that the passenger needs to make sure that there is at least a week (7 days) left for the departure of the flight to get a full refund.
The refund may be initiated within ten business days according to the circumstances.

Wondering how to cancel Air New Zealand booking?

If you have also dropped your plans to travel due to the COVID-19 outbreak and now wish to cancel your bookings with Air New Zealand then simply follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Go to the official website of Air New Zealand
2. Click on the “Manage Booking” tab
3. Pick the booking that you wish to cancel
4. Hit the option of “Cancel” once the confirmation window opens
5. A message will be sent by the airline for the action of cancellation
6. Now apply for the refund by filling up a form
7. The refund will be credited within ten business days after the deduction of the cancellation fee (if any)

In case you are looking for more details regarding the Air New Zealand Cancellation Policy then you must visit the official website. A pop-up window regarding the cancellation and change of flight appears as soon as you open the site.