Is God A Magic Genie? An Opiate For the Masses?

Google Searches For Prayer 'Skyrocket' Amid Coronavirus Outbreak: Report

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Remember the same response of the Jews in Jeremiah's day when Nebuchadnezzar was at the gate of Jerusalem and the destruction and deportation prophesied by Jeremiah seemed imminent? What did the citizens do? They cried out to God for mercy and 'repented' by releasing their fellow Jews from enslavement (Jeremiah 34:8-21), only to force them back into servitude once the threat passed (as God lured Nebuchadnezzar away, Jeremiah 37:5).
America went through the same experience immediately after 9/11 when places of worship became crowded with people seeking answers. The cries and voices of lament through prayer ceased then, too, and for much the same reason: the threat had passed and we were flexing our military might.
Will it be any different when this threat has passed and we are once again patting ourselves on the back instead of committing ourselves to the worship of the One "from whom, to whom and for whom are all things"?
One day hell is gonna show up for breakfast and stay for supper. It's gonna be a long day - "the day of the Lord' - as Yahweh begins to exercise His justice against the living and the dead.
Remember what it says: “Today when you hear His voice, don’t harden your hearts as Israel did when they rebelled.” Hebrews 3:15
"And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved." John 14:6