Buying an Instagram follower is detrimental to your account

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Buying Likes and Followers is a detriment to your Instagram account!
Here's why.
Instagram likes, reviews, followers ... Just say it.

Buying Likes and Followers is a detriment to your Instagram account!

Here's why.

Instagram likes, reviews, followers ... Just say it.

They are all for sale on the web, in the not so underground black market of social media.

As Instagram has become the primary marketing tool, more brands are tempted to buy likes and followers because it likes to compete with rivals.

But buying “artificial” likes and escorts is not just a waste of time and money: buying them can also hurt your business.


Playing the system can reduce your engagement and ruin your reputation by creating an unwanted presence that leaves a bad impression on future followers and potential clients.

If you plan on buying Instagram likes and followers to fool your audience as part of your Instagram strategy, it's time to rethink that approach.

In this post, I will detail why you never need to buy Instagram likes and followers.

I will also suggest some tried and true tactics for authentically building your brand so that you are not tempted to buy Instagram likes and followers!

Why Brands Buy Instagram Followers and Likes?

Whoever said "Money can't buy you friends" has not been on social media lately.

The only type “Buy Instagram followers and likes” I execute easy Google search.

You will see hundreds of results for various services that promise to make the purchase cheaper or an average of $ 0.01 per like / attendant.


The reason is simple: Engagement is important, and likes are crucial for Instagram success.

Under Instagram’s new algorithm, engagement is the most important metric used to determine the popularity of a post.

This means that the more likes and comments your posts get, the more people will see them.

This is because Instagram is deciding what to put at the top of feeds based on previous user engagement (which gives insight into their interests).

Just like buying followers on Instagram, buying likes is also seen as an ideal solution for those who do not have the time and knowledge to build their presence on this network.

So, many brands who want their positions to be seen by a larger audience use this shortcut to get a quick boost in engagement and see it as a risk worth taking.

You blame the power the likes have on Instagram, but the fact is that Instagram bots can pose a serious risk to your account.

For example, say you are managing Instagram marketing for an upcoming clothing brand and decide to post a video of a model displaying fashionable clothes on Instagram using the hashtag #outfitinspiration to target a fashion audience to engage users.

If your post gets a bunch of likes, it will increase its chances of competing with other posts that use similar hashtags.

And if you are lucky, that post could be chosen to appear on Instagram Explore.

Because Explore shows users the posts their followers love in each topic channel, it's an effective way for businesses to reach new audiences.

Why not buy likes.

At first glance, it seems like having a ton of likes (even if purchased) is valuable, but they only really work if you've earned them through organic tactics.

While the appearance of greater engagement and popularity in the form of likes can have some short-term benefits, such as impressing real users and getting some of you to follow.

False will jeopardize future organic or paid campaigns.

Here's how:
  • Make Shady Say: If your true companions discover that many of your likes are fake, you will exclude existing or potential clients who will avoid doing business with you.
  • Instagram Will Punish You: If Instagram discovers that you bought Likes, they will be removed from your posts.
  • If you repeat the purchase process, Instagram may shut down or block your profile, meaning you will not be able to recreate your account.

In the most serious cases, Instagram could restrict your IP address from accessing the Instagram app and site.

Fake Likes Are Not Equal to Real Business: No matter how much you like your post, paid engagement never results in real business.

At best, they do nothing more than make your brand look more popular than it is.

Unlike real people, likes of fake companions (bots or lines of code) can never buy what you sell or post a comment.

Still not convinced you should never buy likes or think you won't be caught?

Keep going to by reading.

In November 2018, Instagram began removing "inauthentic" likes, followers, and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to increase their popularity.

Following in the footsteps of similar actions on Facebook and Twitter that cleared tens of millions of fake accounts, the photo and video sharing platform banned payment for loved ones and followers and began using artificial intelligence tools for fraudulent interactions.

Learning Instagram is pretty good, so consider taking risks.

Don't buy Instagram likes. Do these things instead.

Instagram takes social media as a place where people engage brands.

A Forrester study found that Instagram stands at the top of the crowd when it comes to brand engagement.

Instagram users ’interaction with platform businesses is ten times that of Facebook, 54 times that of Pinterest, and 84 times that of Twitter.

Internal research shows that about half of all Instagram users follow at least one brand on the platform, and about 60% of its users say they learned about new products or services there.

Instead of relying on a cheap trick to increase your Instagram engagement, create a long-term Instagram strategy to organically build your brand authentically.

Here's how to do it.