My Belief Lifestyle

Just a simple explanation of the lifestyle as a believer to help others realize us when they don't understand.

I think that many many times we who believe in The Word and completely believe in the Author of it, feel that because we stand strong and share what we ourselves believe in and speak it out loud, that we are haters.

The standards of living according to the Word is the major part of our faith. We believe it because its a personal relationship with our Savior and it makes major changes to our hearts so that we live according to what He personally speaks to us through His Word.

It's gotten to a point where when we have an opinion that we have gathered through our study of His Word, are called haters. We don't hate, in fact, we are more tollerant and more forgiving of activities, behaviors and life styles towards others than they are towards us. Thats the grace of God in us.

I don't hate, I don't care either if you like the way I live in my belief because its my right to believe in His Word and live it out according to my convictions that the Word teaches me. I also have the right to judge anything I want to because it helps me make the best decisions I can for the way I must live and maybe even who I allow to be in my life.

So, if I stand for something and utter it with my mouth of what I live by in my belief, don't judge me and call me a hater. I am not, I'm a believer of His Word, in me and its not about you, its about me.

So, just wanted to share that this is the view of how we that believe, feel. We don't hate, we stand on the unchanging Truth of His Word and the power of the Holy Spirit as our translator and teacher in us to understand exactly the purpose of our faith in us.