The fact you're attempting to relate

But when it comes to Westbrook or DLo hair upgrades and confront updates they should be able to do that with no participant coming in.

Damn brother, sorry for all of NBA 2K MT Coins the people who said it's not important, and appreciate this, Ibelieve it matters a lot and'm with you. I will check tonight when I can see if there are different players and get home. I am aware that equally men with the Warriors, Ky Bowman and Damion Lee, do not have face scans whatsoever but I believe that comes investing time and resources in two-way gamers. I'll get a list put together tonight of any other people and send some pics, thanks man.Yeah appreciate this man! With the two way players, 2K does this in their own time simply because it requires getting in the player and scanning them so that might or might not happen. But when it comes to Westbrook or DLo hair upgrades and confront updates they should be able to do that with no participant coming in.

I can tell youdon't really understand how things operate and new to 2K. So I will assist you. To make sure my ideas apply to all manners. No one liked dealing with this so they added the lane breach in 2K16 into the playground. So your argument of"It is street ball" doesn't even make sense because its already at NBA 2K, it's just broken. My suggestion is just to repair it.

The fact you're attempting to relate real life pickup ball with buddies and 2K park gameplay is an empty headed contrast. And if playing AI isn't any realer basketball than park. You literally don't have any clue what you are talking about.But that's literally what the park is... Its street ball. You get arcade cartoons, the shooting differs, and the dunking is different. I'm not new to 2K so do not get you panties in a wad simply because I'm questioning your opinion. I have been enjoying since 2K7. Park is not supposed to be simulation, its the arcade style essentially. Fouls are toned down or non existent, just like real life park. For god sakes you could push people to the ground last year in park. Get a clue. Moreover, if your suggestions apply to all game styles, you'd know that over the fouls and lane offenses are well and alive in Pro Am and Rec Center.

Incentive playing Park matches with lower rated builds, and losing a game shouldn't yield a 95.0 performance automatically. There's no reason that anybody 95-99 overall would want to queue right into a match with a lower position. All of them want to advance to 99.9, so they'll wait until the worst players in the courtroom"got next" and then team up with all the best players they could find. If the penalty for dropping a match was less intense (95.0 functionality ) players would not be so opposed to play matches with newer low positions. Or if your general performance automatically goes somewhere between 0.5 - 1 for a lose, but you can still perform well and rank up. It would be kind of cool to have more rank diversity at the Park, as lesser positions would be more inclined to play with Park if greater positions are somewhat more willing to Buy NBA 2K MT Coins take these in. This would help tackle the"dead park" issues.